Strona: Topics / IPM 2019 - 5th International Conference on Inverse Problems Methods

IPM 2019

5th International Conference on
Inverse Problems Methods

Rzeszów - Kombornia, Poland







Institute of Fundamental
Technological Research

Polish Academy
of Sciences


Committee on Mechanics

Polish Academy
of Sciences



  • Advanced mathematical methods for modelling and analysis of Inverse Problems in Mechanics (IPM).
  • Intelligent computing (machine learning and especially neural networks, fuzzy sets, evolutionary methods and strategies, immunological systems).
  • Damage detection and health monitoring in structures and materials of civil and mechanical engineering.
  • Advanced methods for material and structure parameter identification and calibration.
  • Probabilistic identification and Bayesian inference in IPM, Kalman filter methodology.
  • Sensitivity analysis in IPM of biomechanical systems.
  • Topology and shape parameter identification, computational tomography, relation to optimal design for unspecified topology and boundary shape.
  • Hybrid systems in updating of computational models,
  • Reverse engineering as taking apart an object to see how it works to duplicate or enhance the object - relations to source codes, 3-D images, hardware and software problems.

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